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2B. Family History

Lustau was established in 1896 as a small family business. Jose Ruiz Berdejo, the founder, was an Almacenista (small, artisanal winemaker) who made small batch sherries and then sold them to larger export companies who would bottle and sell the sherries for him. It was a humble beginning for what is now an esteemed global brand.


Jose’s daughter, Maria, married Emilio Lustau Ortega and they expanded the business many times over. In 1950, the brand name Lustau was adopted, and growth continued for another 40 years. Then, in 1990 Lustau merged with another Spanish family-owned company widely respected in the industry, Caballero. This was a key milestone for the House of Lustau; the combined company brought significant investment to further expand Lustau around the world and improve quality even further. Today, Lustau is widely considered the global standard by which all sherries are measured.

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