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3A. Exploring Sherry


As you have learned by now, sherry is the most versatile and far-reaching type of wine that exists in the world. From very sweet to bone dry, with a wide range of flavors and ways to drink it, sometimes sherry can make newcomes feel a bit overwhelmed.

Do NOT be overwhelmed!

Here is a quick overview of the major types of Sherry, and what to drink them with:


Fino is crisp and bright and makes an ideal partner for both main meals and every kind of tapas. Perfect with roasted or grilled vegetables such as cauliflower and artichoke, and green salads. It is widely cherished with the quintessential Andalusian cured meats and Iberico pork products. Think bacon! It also combines well with fish and shellfish.



Manzanilla is the ideal partner for fish and shellfish dishes in general. Like Fino, it also makes an excellent complement for cured meats and salted fish and is ideal to drink both with a main course and tapas. Tasted side by side, many say Manzanilla is similar to Fino, except you can taste a hint of the sea in every sip.


This wine, with its exquisite complexity and nutty character, combines extremely well with all sorts of recipes and can add a very personal touch to a wide range of dishes – smoked fish, mature cheeses, white meats, blue fish, spicy dishes… – It can also offer inspiring results in pairings with a number of root vegetables.

Palo Cortado:


Unique and fascinating, it combines the aromatic delicacy of an Amontillado and the body of an Oloroso. Perfect match for mature cheeses, stews and meat dishes.



Oloroso (fragrant), as its name suggests, is a wine with an enormous aromatic complexity. Due to its powerful personality it can be matched with even the most complex and sophisticated dishes, be they mature cheeses, game, or stews, that bring out its full potential.

Cream sherry:


This gentle, velvety wine is guaranteed success, especially when combined with appetizers and desserts. Its well-balanced sweetness offers delicious possibilities to suit even the most discerning connoisseurs.



The other naturally sweet Sherry is good with a wide range of desserts, including pastries, fruit and ice creams. The sweet, fresh qualities of the wine perfectly complement the fattiness of cheeses. The marked presence of the varietal notes offer a perfect harmony with fruits.

Pedro Ximenez:


The sweet Sherry par excellence, Pedro Ximénez is itself a dessert. Drink it lightly chilled before, during, or after the dessert course.

And, if this is too much information, just remember this shortcut:

  • If it swims…. Fino or Manzanilla
  • If it flies…. Amontillado or Palo Cortado
  • If it runs…. Oloroso
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