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3B. How to Store

As with other wines, sherry should be stored in a quiet place with a stable, cool temperature (room temperature or chillier, but do not freeze), and away from strong light or vibrations.  Unlike with other wines, sherry bottles should be stored standing upright, not lying on their side. This is to minimize the surface area that is exposed to oxygen.

Once opened, you can simply reclose the bottle and keep it upright in the refrigerator. An open bottle of sherry does last longer than most wines (if you can resist drinking it right away!). Here are some freshness guidelines:

Fino & Manzanilla:

Sealed: Keeps for 1 year min.

Opened: 1 week


Amontillado, Oloroso, & Palo Cortado:

Sealed: Keeps for 3 years

Opened: 3 months


Pedro Ximenez, Moscatel, Cream, & East India

Sealed: Keeps for 3 years

Opened: 12 months

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