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3E. Sherry Cocktails


As a new, younger generation has rediscovered sherry, so has the world of bartenders and mixology. In major cities around the world, trend-setting cocktail bars have put sherry-based cocktails on the map.  The vast range of flavors and sweetness make sherry especially well-suited to cocktail innovation. And, there are several classic sherry cocktails that are now part of the regular repertoire for many bartenders.

For those who want to experiment with their own sherry cocktails, here are some tips to get you started:

Fino & Manzanilla:

  • very, very dry
  • often add flavor notes of yeastiness and salinity, with citrus and almond
  • typically marry well with white spirits including vodka, gin, tequila, young rums, and pisco
  • works well with herbs, dry vermouths, maraschino, honey, apple, citrus
  • ideas: 50/50 martinis (half sherry, half spirit), fino mojitos, daiquiris


Amontillado & Palo Cortado:

  • richer flavor profile, with some salinity and stronger almond and nutty notes; add layers of depth to the flavor profile of the drink
  • perceived as slightly sweeter than Fino because the mouthfeel is richer and coats the palate more; longer finish
  • marries especially well with reposado tequila, aged rum, American whiskies, and brandies
  • works well with amaros, curacaos, seasonal berries, dry or sweet vermouth, fig, apricot, stone fruit, herbs and mint
  • ideas: Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, daiquiris, sherry cobblers, Collins



  • richest, fullest flavor profile of all the dry sherries
  • marries well with full-bodied brown spirits such as older whiskies and tequilas, scotches, old brandies and dark rums
  • works well with stone fruits, red fruit, sweet vermouth, amaro, plums, figs, chocolate, and coffee.
  • ideas: variations on Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, sherry cobblers


Cream Sherry & Lustau East India:

  • sweet, rich flavor
  • adds flavor notes of fig, raisins, date, black tea, and orange peel
  • marries well with vermouth, amaro,
  • works well with stone fruit, citrus, honey, fig, herbs, pepper, tea, and aromatic spices


Moscatel & Pedro Ximenez

  • very sweet; richest flavor profile of all
  • moscatel in particular marries well to gin and pisco; both work with vermouth and amaro
  • flavor pairings that work well: seasonal fruit, apple, ginger, fig, date, citrus, cherry
  • ideas: variations on Manhattans and Old Fashioneds; use as a sweetening modifier in shaken drinks like daiquiris, sours, flips, fizzes, and nogs.


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